Called from/Referenciado desde: El Papiro Artemidoro: diversos artículos

Review of Posidippi Pellaei Quae Supersunt Omnia

by Richard Hunter

Excerpt from the Times Literary Supplement, november 29, 2002  (taken from MAPHIST, December 2002)

     "From the same mysterious source as the Poseidippos,  an even more unexpected treasure is still to be  published: part of the description of Spain from  the work of Artemidorus of Ephesus (c. 100 BC), an  important geographical treatise previously known  only from allusions and references in later authors.  The text, preserved on a roll more than two-and-a-half metres long, and in an unusually large format,  is illustrated by part of a map of Spain. It now  ranks as the oldest Greek map known, but looks  startlingly modern with its layout of rivers, roads  and human settlements. Curiously, this papyrus  seems not to have gone into circulation, but to  have remained in the workshop where the map was  drawn ...."


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